How do I register?
Log in with mobile number followed by adding personal details (name, address and email-id etc.…)

Are there any charges for registration?
NO, it’s a complete free registration.

Do I have to necessarily register to shop on Huura?
YES, with the help of registration details we will be able to identify the user.

Can I have multiple registrations?
NO, however you can register multiple accounts if you have different contact details.

Can I add more than one delivery address in an account?
You will be able to add addresses.

Can I have multiple accounts with same mobile number and email id?

Can I have multiple accounts for members in my family with different mobile number and email address but same or common delivery address?

Account Related

What is My Account?
Through your Account you will be able to manage orders, Payments, check order history and bills and order status etc.…

How do I reset my password?
Reset password link will be sent to your registered email address, by following on screen instructions you will be able to reset and access the account.


What are the modes of payment?
COD (Cash On Delivery) our Delivery Partner would carry a QR Code so you can scan and pay using UPI apps, Payment gateway, and Huura farm wallet.

Is it safe to use my credit/ debit card on Huurafarm?
YES we use a secured payment gateway.

What is the meaning of cash on delivery?
The payment made to your order at the time of delivery is COD (cash on delivery).

What is Huurafarm Wallet?
A Balance will be maintained in your account with Huura Farm wallet which is pre-paid by you and can you utilized to pay for the orders made.

Delivery Related

When will I receive my order?
You will be given available delivery time slots and will receive within the stipulated time.

How are the fruits and vegetables packaged?
We use Net pouches and paper pouches and sometimes special fruits and veggies will be wrapped with banana leaf, mostly eco-friendly method of packing.

How are the fruits and vegetables weighed?
We use digital scales to weigh.

How will the delivery be done?
It will be delivered by our delivery team on 2 wheeler or goods vehicles, we are also encouraging cycle and electric bikes for delivery, finding ways to be nature friendly.

How much are the delivery charges?
There is a fixed delivery charges for orders less than 500 INR.

Do you deliver in my area?
We are delivering only in few pin codes right now, however if we are not delivering at your location you may write to our info@huurafarm.com with you area name and pin code so we can work on getting our services there too. 

Will someone inform me if my order delivery gets delayed?
You will be sent a mail or called and notified.

What is the minimum order for delivery?
250 INR and above.

Do you do same day delivery?
Yes,  however sometimes it is completely managed according to the availability of time slots.

Order Related

What are delivery slots?
To have an organized delivery, we have delivery slots so that we don’t overload the slot which might hamper the timings.

How do I add or remove products after placing my order?
You can open the orders page and add or remove.

How long will my chosen slot be blocked for me?
It will be until somebody confirms the same timeslot by confirming the order.

Is it possible to order an item which is out of stock?
You will have to wait until its back in stock.

How do I check the current status of my order?
You can check in your orders menu.

How do I check which items were not available from my order? Will someone inform me about the items unavailable in my order before delivery? 

You will be informed by our team.

What You Receive Is What You Pay For? When and how can I cancel an order?
You can cancel your orders within 15-20 mins from the time or placing the order, you will have to write to the supportteam@huurafarm.com with your order ID which has to be cancelled and if Payment already made online you will receive a refund within 7-14 working days or will be in our account which can be used for future orders.

Customer Related

How do I contact customer service?
You can call on the given number or write a mail to us at supportteam@huurafarm.com.

What are your timings to contact customer service?
Our Customer service is available on email and calls from 7:00 pm to 12:00 midnight and morning 6am to 12 Noon.

How can I give feedback on the quality of customer service?
You can write to us or comment on reviews section, you can also chat with us on social media.

Will Huurafarm ask for sensitive information such as bank account details, PIN number, card number?
We will never ask for such details it is only asked on our payment gateway which is secured.


What do I do if an item is defective (broken, leaking, expired)?
Contact our support team on number or write to supportteam@huurafarm.com.

How will I get my money back in case of a cancellation or return? What are the modes of refund?
We will add the payment done by you to your huura wallet which can be used in future orders.

I’d like to suggest some products. Who do I contact?
Contact our support team on number or write to supportteam@huurafarm.com
There is a difference in the amount mentioned in the invoice sent by the store and the order value shown by Huurafarm when placing the order.

Why should I pay the extra amount?
You will not be paying an extra. You will be charged as per the MPR of the product mentioned.

Is there an expiry date to my wallet credit?
There is no expiry date for the wallet amount.

How do I check my wallet balance?
Kindly login to your account and wallet balance would be available in MY Account Details. If you have any complaints or suggestions about the content published on Huurafarm.com please write to our Support team at supportteam@huurafarm.com.